Meeting Tom Cruise’s Middle Finger & Top Gun Shuttle Astronaut Scott Altman

I remember the 80s…a time for heroes, high-five flyers and top gun shuttle pilots. Just as well then that today, thanks to the team at Space Lectures, I met Scott ‘Scooter’ Altman, a veteran F14 Tomcat pilot flying as Tom Cruise’s middle finger in that famous scene in Top Gun and a veteran of 4 […]

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The Twins Paradox – Meeting the twin Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly

Mark and Scott Kelly are the only siblings to have travelled in space with 4 spaceflights each and NASA’s only set of identical twin astronauts . Today, thanks to the great team over at Space Lectures, I’m meeting the time travelling twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly. The team at Space Lectures announced the twins line […]

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Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 Return to flight.

Meeting Space Shuttle Astronaut Eileen Collins

Today I met Eileen Collins, a former United States Air force Colonel, test pilot, instructor and NASA astronaut becoming the first female pilot and first female commander of the Space Shuttle logging over 38 days in space. Eileen Marie Collins flew Space Shuttle Discovery as pilot on STS-63 rendezvousing with the Russian space station Mir […]

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