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How Jurassic Park got it wrong: Feathered Dinosaurs of China Exhibition – Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers

Being a bit of an old fossil myself, I find nothing more interesting than looking at other old fossils so I’m at Wollaton Hall (yes, Bruce Wayne’s house in Batman) to see some of the most important fossil specimens in the world showing preserved fossil feathers at the Dinosaurs of China Exhibition, from Ground Shakers to […]

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Bamburgh Beach

At the Edge of the Empire – from Housteads to Hadrain’s Wall and the Northumberland Coast

The Northumberland Coast, a few days of extreme dog walking adventures in England’s least populated county at the edge of the empire in Northumberland, along the coast of Northumberland from Newbiggin to Berwick-upon-Tweed to Hadrian’s Wall.  A bit like the original tourists here, the Romans, and later, the Vikings, but with less colonising, raiding, raping, […]

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Thor's Helmet

NGC 2359 Thor’s Helmet

NGC 2359 commonly known as Thor’s Helmet. This bubble shaped emission nebula also has some complex filaments that help to give NGC 2359 a distinctive shape with the wing like structures to give Thor’s Helmet its name. Located in the constellation of Canis Major, it is nearly 15,000 light years distant and 30 light years […]

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Iceland – Reykjavik

Iceland, land of of fire and ice, volcanoes, Vikings and visitors. Thousands of them, including us.  All to see the sights that the original visitor who came here didn’t see. Floki Vilgerdarson came here from Norway in 870 AD but was disappointed because all he could see was ice. A practical man, with his incredible […]

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