I said that Mrs Cook was going to get sore and scraped knees for our wedding anniversary and we’ve made it happen by going weaseling in the Peak District. We’ve also dragged along my sister and nephew to make a real family affair. Weaseling, scrambling, rock hopping, call it what you want, squeezing and stooping between small gaps in rocks, scraping and scrambling our way around Higger Tor in the Peak District in Derbyshire.

Weaseling in the Peak District at Higger Tor

We’ve all got sore knees and scrapes and I ache like never before. It’s hard work trying to wiggle and wedgie your frame under boulders, holes and other tight squeezes, some so tight they couldn’t handle the amount of awesomeness that I carry around my bones i.e. too fat. The racing snakes in the family managed to do pretty damn well with some super tight squeezes with a sideways shimmy, albeit a few heated conversations of “I physically can’t do it, I can’t fit/get through” and “I’m stuck” as we try to traverse weaselling spots called “The Rebirth” and “The Coffin.” It’s like caving but outdoors.

This is a task for those with strength, balance, agility and coordination, not those approaching nearly fifty. That doesn’t matter when you’re growing old disgracefully though, and as we found, you can’t go weaseling with any grace at all as we spread our bodies over rocks, pushing and puffing under crevices and all those places in between the rocks. But we’re glad we tried, we had a great day. The video below shows some squeezes before the battery, and our energy ran out.


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