With a very significant birthday, it’s time to let one old fossil see something older than myself. So we’ve been to see Titus the Tyrannosaurus rex at Wollaton Hall. This is the first Tyrannosaurus rex exhibition in England for more than a century and Titus is magnificent.

I love a good dinosaur and at aged 50, I still get excited at dinosaurs and could absolutely geek out over them, not that anyone ever ask you as an adult what your favourite one is. The spectacle is in the size, and 65 million years ago, 7.5 tones of angry 8 inch teeth running towards you would have been a spectacle. Titus is magnificent and at 12 metres long and nearly 4 metres tall, its not hard to see why T.rex roamed the Earth for at least 2 million years, that makes it a very successful species. One cannot help when seeing Titus but be drawn to the hughe skull and the teeth that lurk within it, it’s dominating. Tyrannosaurus Rex translates as “tyrant king of reptiles,” and face to face, I’d have to agree.

For those not familiar with Wollaton Hall, it’s also the location of Wayne Manor in the Batman films starring Christian Bale. To be fair, if I was an eccentric billionaire vigilante, I’d definitely have the skeleton of a T Rex in the house.

You can see Titus at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham till November 2021. #TitusTrexIsKing Absolutely roarsome!


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