Photos from our holiday on The Lizard in Cornwall including Lizard Point, Mullion, Sennen, Goonhilly, Maen Cliff, St Michael’s Mount, St Ives, Land’s End, Zennor, Mousehole, Penzance, Coverack, Porthleven. It’s got cream teas, clear beaches, Cornish pasties and copious amounts of rain. It took some convincing, but we’ve finally camped it up in a caravan in Cornwall on The Lizard. A static caravan at that, just so you know we’re not bloody gypo’s. Fed up of camping and treated like second class citizens that campers often are, we decided to get classy. I say classy, I mean I want to sit somewhere dry with the TV on for when it inevitably chucks it down with rain when we’re on holiday. Still something pretty unnerving about having a toilet in a cupboard though. Better than dashing for dock leaves I suppose.

Based on the Lizard in Cornwall near the not so watchful gaze of Goonhilly Downs Satellite Earth Station (still no sign of the Vogons), we are ideally placed to explore Britain’s most southerly point from The Lizard peninsula to Land’s End. These people actually believe there isn’t any land after here even though they operate flights to the Scilly Island nearby. Probably believe in a Flat Earth as well. If only they’d look round the corner they might have seen St Michaels Mount. That’s difficult though when you’ve got rain and seawater stinging your eyes and winds Uranus could be proud of.

Still, when its clear its lovely and unlike Devon, it’s generally void of the usual kind of tourist trap tat that confirms the demise of humanity.  The exception is Land’s End which does its best to trap tourists.  You’de do best to avoid it, you’re better visiting the village of Sennen up the road), far prettier and atmospheric.

Sam decided we would have a romantic picnic at Land’s End. Attempting to eat a sandwich while being battered in 300 mph winds with enough sand whipped up to strip the flesh off your face and see the bread erode in your hand is very over rated.

Imagine coming all this way to end up at Zennor, where fellow Eastwood resident DH Lawrence stayed at the Tinners Arms with his German wife Frieda von Richthofen, a distant cousin of Manfred van Richthofen, The Red Baron.  Mind you, we felt more welcome that they did, but then again we weren’t suspected of being German spies.   A cracking pub and lovely countryside as is most of what we saw in Cornwall and The Lizard.

I’d move here but couldn’t ever imagine being able to afford to, the price of some of the holiday cottages alone is frightening, in some of the more remote parts like Mullion, many are empty, presumably because they are too expensive for people to afford.  Something fascinating about the power of the sea, at Mullion especially, there seems to be an awful lot of sea. Cornwall is worth coming back for.


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