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Our Orcadian adventure now captured, partially at least, in a travel video. Just a bit of fun using a mixture of a Canon 200D and our very basic Go Pro. It’s a long way from the (Nottingham) shire to the edge of Scotland and then on to the Orkney Islands but don’t worry, its not just 12 hours of us driving each other mad.

I actually quite like this video though, a lot more fun editing this one together. I didn’t quite do the whole storyboard thing I said i was going to do last time although some of the planned shots didn’t quite work but some really did well, especially the car going over the camera and then away from the camera.  In fact I might just do more of these, blogs are dying, kids these days can’t be bothered to read  more than a few words so video looks to be the way forward.

I’m not expecting to fly up the ranks of YouTube just yet but with a whole 5 subscribers… I should start monetising, reaching out to brands, directing Bond movies, show my bum in a bikini as a preview thumbnail….

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This is it, my first travel video, my first proper attempt with music and cuts to the beat. It should be more accurately titled How Not To Make A Travel Video. I’m not Werner Herzog, I’m not Casey Neistat and I’m certainly not as creative as those You Tubers out there that make great travel videos or daily vlogs. But this is my first proper attempt and I’m sure practice will make perfect.

Granted, the footage is from just over 2 years ago from our trip to Norway with Hurtigruten and I’ve tried to montage it together to show some highlights. Story is king, but I didn’t know that when we were just wildly waving various different cameras around. You wouldn’t believe how much footage was cut because it was even worse than what ended up in the final video. Nowadays its all drones and sweeping vistas shot in 4k. I need to learn how to hold a camera steady, shoot in sequences and way more than I need.

Editing a 2 minute film has been two days of torture. I’m not expecting to be crowdfunded any time soon or for Warner Brothers to ring and ask me to direct their next big project unless they want a wobbly wind drenched disaster. Besides, I’m busy storyboarding our next adventure to Orkney. Something I’m sure my stunning total of 2 YouTube subscribers can’t wait for…. who surely will stay tuned for further adventures in my film making series of how not to make a travel video.

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