Mercury Transit 2016

That tiny round black dot is Mercury.  The 2016 Mercury transit of the Sun in a relatively rare astronomical event and visible in the UK for the entire…

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Sunspot Active Region 2396 on 8th August 2015

Sunspot 2396 has grown rapidly over the past few days and yesterday I had a chance to quickly capture between the clouds.  Sunspot 2396 stretches more than 150,000…

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Solar summary 16 April 2014

Astronomy round up for week up to 17th April.  Spent the day in the garden trying to coax the Philips SPC900 webcam to work.  Tried imaging the Sun…

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Solar Filaments through Coronado PST and Philips SPC900 webcam

It may not look much to you, but this image shows solar filaments on the surface of the sun.  My best yet with my meagre equipment.  Taken using…

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Aphelion sun 05 July 2013

Aphelion is when the Earth is at its most distant point in its elliptical orbit around the sun.  For 2013, that’s today, 5th July 2013.  This image was…

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Sunspot AR1775 19 June 2013

The sun is finally starting to show some activity and it would finally appear the sun’s 11 year pattern is reaching a peak known as solar maximum. Quite…

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Sunspot AR1575. Featured in Feb 2103 Sky at Night magazine.

Today is the vernal equinox, where day and night are of equal length.   At a little before 3 o’clock this afternoon, the Sun crossed the celestial equator heading…

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