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Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough

A walkthrough guide for Half-Life 2 Episode 2.  After Gordon Freeman destroys the citadel, make your way through Ravenholm and the White Forest with Alyx and D0g.

To the White Forest

Episode 2: To The White Forest

Episode 2: To The White Forest

Remember the train you were on? Well you crashed and now you’ve just woken up, Alyx opens the door with the Gravity Gun and hands it over to you. Look around you, go through the train carriage. Alyx shows you the remains of the Citadel and then you get a blast from the portal storm. This sends the rest of the train carriages crashing down and allows you to clamber over the fence that was previously blocked off. Follow the mine through and drop to the ground below and duck under the barrier after removing the debris and then turn right. Take out the zombies and ant lions, Alyx helps you, being careful to mind the hole in the floor. Pick up the health charger outside and then enter the hut.

Episode 2: Alyx sends a message

Episode 2: Alyx sends a message

Its a communication centre and Alyx wants to send a message to her Dad, but you need to restore the power. Wait for Alyx to jump up and then connect the power to the socket. She will now take credit for it. Once the transmission has been done, go through the other door, burst the crate for health and then into the mine, turn right, blast the critter and then turn left up the mine to where the cart is blocked off. Remove what’s stopping the cart, let it roll down and it will smash the boards at the bottom letting you out into the open. Go outside, look left on the roof when you hear the strange noise, that thing is going to cause trouble later. Go to the right hand side, drop down and then up onto the ladder just to your right. Alyx needs you to figure out how to open the gate. Work you way over to the roof and drop down. Press the power button and then slide the bar out from the hatch on the floor.

Episode 2: To the White Forest - Hunter

Episode 2: To the White Forest – Hunter

Pop through the floor, smash the crate and carry on. That thing we were on about earlier? Its back and its called a Hunter. The game takes control, watch the scene and wait for the Vort to set you free where he informs you that Alyx’s condition is grave. Let the Vort call to his mates and lead on through the gate, turn left and into the lift. You need to restore power. Grab you crowbar from the cogs, let the lift drop and then into the hut. Open the other door and then onto the lift, turn the wheel fully and then jump out at the next level. Pick up the gun and ammo. You need to drop to the floor below where the ant lion is. Don’t worry about it, it scuttles off. Follow where the ant lion went and then down into the hole.

To the White Forest - worker Antlions

To the White Forest – worker Antlions

Follow the shaft down, destroy the ant lion grubs for health. Keep going through and drop down to the mine below. You need to destroy the worker ant lion that confronts you and then there are 2 more when you turn left. Be careful, they throw a nasty amount of acid at you. Look to your left where the table is, you will find ammo, a shotgun and some grenades. Drop down the hole near the table, follow it around and you will come up the other side of the railing, again, another worker ant lion confronts you. Go to the right onto the ledge, follow it round and hop over. Just to the right there is an underwater tunnel that takes you through to the next chamber. You’ll see a boat, barnacles and be attacked ant lions and worker ant lions, plenty of grubs for health though. Follow the cave round and then into the tunnel. There is an opening on the left here as well, it leads to the same place. You’ll be attacked by three worker ant lions, with one of them coming from the left. Follow the tunnel round till you get to the hole and drop down.


This Vortal Coil

Episode 2: This Vortal Coil

Episode 2: This Vortal Coil

You will be greeted by two characters who are down here to defend these tunnels from ant lions, you’ll be asked to help. Alyx is on the table being treated by the Vortigon. Ant lions will start to come through the tunnels gradually at first and then loads coming from all directions. You can use your gravity gun to place the turrets as required along with the hopper mines. You will be covering different mine tunnels as directed by the two characters.



This Vortal Coil - Fetch antlion nectar

This Vortal Coil – Fetch antlion nectar

Pretty soon after doing some minor skirmishing with ant lions and the turrets have broken, the Vortigons arrive. Cue some funky music. The Vortigons now kick ant lion arse, it’s nice if you join in. The Vort asks you to go with him to fetch some nectar so they can help restore Alyx. Follow him in the tunnel, he starts the generator to open the gate and then asks you to lead on. Into the tunnels you go. Nothing too hard here and you can’t really get lost. Follow the tunnel through to the cave where the Vort attacks the ant lions, you finish them off. Follow the cave around, killing ant lions and worker ant lions. Plenty of grubs for health. Clear though the tunnel and drop down where you see zombies on the other side of the fence.

Remove the wood from the gate and zombies come alive. Finish them off and in you go. A couple of zombies make a grab for you. Kill ’em. Feels good eh. Vort is confident you will find a way to open the gate. You need to pile some stuff on to the lift to weigh it down. Get to the bottom, kill the zombies and the grenade throwing zombines. Follow round to the next lift, this time you are going up. Watch out for the zombine. For this lift you need to weigh it down first otherwise it will go up to fast for you to catch when you activate the lift switch. Use the girders lying around, there’s a couple underneath the lift as well. Activate the lift, hop on and then knock the girders off and go to the top. You’ll be attacked by zombies and then open the gate for the Vort. He’ll start the generator to open the gate.

This Vortal Coil zombie attack

This Vortal Coil zombie attack

Go through, grab some ammo off the train cart, on the one nearest the edge, as soon as you start to break the crates, the carts will slide into the abyss below. In the distance is your destination, but not just yet and not that way. Turn round and then to the right. Blast the wood blocking the way, step out of the way to avoid the cart crashing in to you. You’ll now be attacked by zombies and other nasties including 2 worker ant lions on a shelf above you. Up the ladder and follow round. You need to drop below, you need to move the tipper bucket first. When you do, the dead zombine will drop his grenade. In the tipper is also an ammo box. Drop below. When you do, you’ll drop into a cart that trundles off, squashing some zombies on the way, you’ll end up in some water, climb out on the ladders and all the way to the top. Vort pops his head out. Climb over. There is some ammo lying around. No need to go up to the top of the train tracks, its a dead end. You need to turn left instead into the caves. Follow the walkway and caves round until you get to the thumper station.

This Vortal Coil - on the lift

This Vortal Coil – on the lift

Kill anything that’s hanging around. You’ll have lots of health packs and ammo here, all for a good reason. When you summon the lift, 1 million nasty beasties will attack you, starting with zombines coming from the shed. You can’t win outright, Vort urges you to get in the lift, do as he says and do your best from the lift. You’ll get a couple of ant lions trying to attack you in the lift. Get to the top and Vort joins you from the other lift. He starts the generator to open the gate. Go though into the room and get the ammo and through the other door. An ant lion guardian tries to smash through the barrier, he can’t, but you’ll be meeting him later on.

Go up the ramp and drop down through the hole. Topple the grate and go right. Left is a dead end. Topple the other grate and follow the tunnels till you get to where the lift is. You need to jump on to the platform below. Remove the object from the fan, be careful not to get blown back. The fan will short out and stop. Get through by nudging the blades until you can squeeze through. Follow the pipes round and drop below.

Antlion nectar

Antlion nectar

The ant lion guardian appears. Remember the Vort saying not to kill him? You do need to get past him though. You can wound him and then you need to sprint until you get to the tunnel. Go through, wait for the guardian to pass, head left and into the next tunnel. Now head right into the next tunnel, drop down and then into the opening. When you get to the opening head right, just keep going, you cant really get lost. Going left, you can sprint until you can see the shaft covered with wood boards, destroy these before the guardian gets to you, he’ll try and attack you after you’ve gone through, drown down below back into the mine area, passing the body on the left.

The G Man

The G Man

In the cavern is the lift but it doesn’t work, something missing, its no good just pressing the lever. You need the cog that is behind you by some bits and bobs not far behind you. Use your gravity gun to make it work and press the lever. Activate the lift and the Vort descends. Follow him, let him get the extract and then back into the lift all the way up to the top. Sit back while the Vortigons do their magic and the sequence that follows with our “friend”. Get in the lift, and up to the top. The great outdoors awaits.


Freeman Pontifex

Freeman Pontifex

Freeman Pontifex

At the top, you’ll see Combine going across the bridge, you have time to watch this sequence and then head left into the thumper field. You’ll be fighting ant lions, worker ant lions and guardians while working your way over. Alyx and the Vort do some work for you, but you’ve still got quite a battle. Use the exploding barrels around you. Once completed, go to the lift. Vort starts the generator and you need to go up the ladders, working your way onto the rocks and then onto the top of the lift. Remove the pick axe and the lift drops. When the lift gets to the top, step out and follow the route through. You get heavy Combine gun and some ammo. Looks like quite a battle took place here. If you look to the left, you’ll see G man walking across.

You need to get the car on the other side of the bridge. Plenty of toxic creatures below, so you’ll be going while Alyx mans the gun. Let her disarm the force-field and then pop through up the stairs, remove the obstacles on the right and drop through. Again remove the barrier and enter the room. Remove the wood and drop down again. You’ll hear the pant of a poison zombie, he’ll come through when you remove the chair that’s blocking the door. Kill him and enter where he just came from and drop into the floor below, duck under and then out the door. Alyx picks off a zombie with the sniper gun.

Into the other door, drop to the next floor, don’t go where you see the hole – its a straight drop…to your doom. Instead, turn around, shoot the exploding barrel to destroy the barnacles. Stay to the left to avoid the other barnacles. Turn the wheel on the gas pipe to stop the fire. The zombie will extinguish eventually and you can go through. Kill the zombine. If you go in the door where he was banging, when you enter the room, the lights will go out and the zombies will attack you. Come out of the same door again and outside.

Freeman Pontifex - Stick around

Freeman Pontifex – Stick around

Blast the padlock off the gate, Alyx again snipes zombies. The door on the right is closed. Go to the left and duck to crawl through. Down the stairs is a poison zombie and some other zombies which can be taken out with the barrel and a couple of shots. Turn on the gas, take a shot as some more are going to come through. Alyx picks ’em off. Turn the gas back off and go down the stairs. Zombies throw stuff at you. Outside again, there is a heavy combine gun. Go back to where the zombie is pinned against the wall and remove the blade and go up the ladders. You need to drop below, but first remove roof panels so Alyx can get clear shots at the zombies below. When you enter the room after dropping down, zombies will attack form different directions, breaking down some of the barriers. Lots of ammo and stuff around, Alyx urges you to bring them out into the open to shoot ’em. I like the blade. Once done, follow the corridor out In to the next room.

In this room, you need to stay down until you get to the opening. Then jump up onto the shelves and head towards the fork lift and activate it. Now you can work your way up the shelves. When you get to the fork lift are, you need to place something with your gravity gun to be able to reach the final shelf. Burt through the gate and go though the steel ducts until you get outside. This is a toxic area. Zombies will come out the waste. Work your way over to the far end, be careful in the dark for the zombies. Up the ladder and then head towards the right, ducking under the pipes and dropping down to the next toxic area.

The next toxic area has cars you can step onto amongst the rocks. The second car starts to sink when you land on it. You will also have zombies and zombines coming at you. Work your way over to the ladders using the large wooden reels and then up the ladders to the top. In the shack are some zombies and a gun. Go up to the bridge, the first car is yours.

Gordon Freeman's Car

Gordon Freeman’s Car

To get the car you first need to make the bridge tilt the other way. To do this, climb onto the lorry roof and then hop over to the other side, clearing the cars off the bridge with your Gravity gun. On your way back the bridge will tilt the other way. Drop down and then back up to the other side again and get in the car. Put your foot down, pedal to the metal and let her rip. You are now on the other side. If you don’t make it, you’ll get a message. Up the ladder and flick the switch so Alyx and the Vort can come through the gate. Say goodbye to Vort and hop in the car.


Riding Shotgun

The road is blocked ahead, turn left and to the river, left again following the river and then to the right up the hill, you’ll be heading for the radio tower. You’ll come to a couple of buildings. In the brighter building is the radio room but we don’t need to go there yet. Instead go to the darker one, the entrance is at the back, Drop down to the floor below.

Riding Shotgun - plug in the power sockets

Riding Shotgun – plug in the power sockets

To get the radio working, we need to play with power cables. On the wall in front is already a power cable attached, however its the wrong one. Take it off from both ends and take it to the other side of the room where the pallet is. Attach this cable to sockets here and take the other cable to the other wall. The cable needs to go into the top 2 sockets. Alyx will then inform you of power. When you come back up, you will be attacked by hunters, these are tough beasties. Throw anything you can at them, there is enough stuff around. When you’ve completed that. Go to the other building where Alyx can make the transmission. After that, you’ll be back on the road, so get in you car and head out through the gates.

Follow the off road path, past the advisor pod until you get to the farmhouse. Ammo in the shed on the right, but you need to head into the main house, blasting the lock off the gate and then entering the hole at the end. You will come out into a room where there is an advisor. Destroy the console in the room, that’ll grab some attention. Now standby and watch the scene as the game takes over. When the scene ends, you’ll hear Combine before they blow the door.

Combine helicopter attack

Combine helicopter attack

Go out the door and pick up the crossbow, more Combine are waiting for you outside and the house opposite, including one in the roof who you can snipe with the crossbow. There is also a hunter to destroy. Back in the house, get what health you can and then back into the car before the chopper cuts you up. Drive to the end and crash through the barrier and turn left onto the train tracks, keep going, avoiding the obstacles and bombs dropped from the ships above. Keep going all the way and into the tunnel. Again, keep going straight, over the jumps, smashing zombies and then you’ll need to do a U-turn onto the other train tracks. The helicopter will shoot logs that roll and you will veer to the right and into the rebel compound. Still with the helicopters above you, you need to bring them down using the mines they drop at you with your Gravity gun. Alyx gives you health packs as you battle the ‘coptors above. Great fun. Follow the rebels.


Under The Radar

Under The Radar - Half Life 2

Under The Radar – Half Life 2

Follow matey boy upstairs, zombies will come to the window and door below after you remove the wood. Drop down and then out the window. No need to go in the toxic are unless you need ammo. Instead, head right on to the truck and through the window at the top and then out the door. Head towards the fence you have to duck under and stay ducked down. That gun causes damage. Staying ducked down, make your way along to the shed, lob a grenade in to kill the Combine inside and then enter via the window. Another Combine is outside.


Stay ducked down and then go into the white van, crawling your way along, killing zombies and headcrabs as you go. When you get to the next car to crawl through, you will see Combine again that you have to kill while minding the gun. There are at least three to deal with. Head right staying ducked down. Jump on truck and onto the roof. Lob grenades through the window to kill the combine and drop through. Press the button on the gun to open it up. Drop a grenade in there and blow that bad boy up. Its also your exit. Head back to the garage where the car is.

With your radar now fitted, you stop to pick up ammo. The first point is a van. Remove the car out of the way to get some goodies. The second point has a puzzle to solve. You need to flick the switch at the top, but how? First close the ramp so its on the floor. Now roll a grenade beneath it and quickly jump on the ramp, the explosion will launch you up. Get your health and flick the switch. Jump back down to get your goodies and then out again to the car.

There is another signal in the compound opposite. Head towards the cabin at the top. You’ll see a saw blade in the floor, remove it get a shed load of goodies. Kill zombies, stock up and head back to the car. Make your way past the tunnel and up to White Forest Inn. The first building you can ignore for now, you need to go the main building. Once you’ve explored inside, you’ll notice loads of ammo and health. You’ll need it ‘cos when you come out the force field will activate and 1 billion Combine will attack you. To make things even better, you have to destroy some hunters as well.

Under The Radar - Strider

Under The Radar – Strider

When that battle is done you need to knock off the power to the force field. You need to go to the original building, again when you get up to there, more Combine and hunters. The building in the right has the power. Alyx does some stuff that enable you to enter the room. To get to the main room though you need to get up the ladders and follow the roof around and then jump down. Remove the grill and into the room. Open the door and then shoot the powerball out of the room to knock off the power. Job done, head back to the car. The road ahead is blocked when you start driving away again, but there is a handy ramp, use your turbo off that bad boy, oh yeah.  Make your way down, you pass another marker, this time on a rope above you. Go through the tunnel and then you need to turn off the road and to the gates on the left. Hop out to the other side of the gates. A strider comes along, but so does Dog and beats it to a pulp. Good boy. You now race Dog to the base.


Our Mutual Friend

Go to the right and into the room where Eli Vance is. Catch up time for Father & Daughter. In the rocket silo room make your way down to the bottom and into the lift. At the bottom, go the glass so Vort will let you in. If you look behind the gas tank behind you, you will see the Dharma Initiative logo and the “LOST” computer!

Our Mutual Friend - Fellow resistance members

Our Mutual Friend – Fellow resistance members

Making your way through the corridors there is yet another alert, this time its for real. A hunter will appear at the door and you will automatically get blocked in. You can get underneath the steps that leads to another room. There are hunters in here you need to deal with. Plenty of gas canisters to throw at them but you need to keep mobile. Once destroyed, make your way up the walkway and turnoff the gas valve up to the next walkway. As soon as you enter, a flare is dropped. Combine push through each exit and sentry gun is also on each end. Plenty of things to throw. Go into the water room, destroying Combine as you go. Make your way up the stairs/ramp – be prepared for a hunter to appear. Get some ammo and then make your way along. By the broken rubble stairs, two Combine will attack. Go into the last remaining room and over the other side into the water.

Coming out of the water, you will be attacked by Combine. Make your way up the ladders until you get the room where you need to seal the launch doors. Attacked by man hacks and Combine with mounted guns, kill all in that room and press the button to close the silo doors. As soon as you do, Combine will abseil down and attack from the top. Use the mounted sentry gun to disrupt them until the doors close. Alyx will enter opposite with Vort. Let Alyx lead on and listen to the conversation from the family reunion. Magnusson will enter the room and announce a change of plan. You need to bust some striders up. You’ll practice first. Go through the door, pick up ammo and enter your car.

Map location at the Saw Mill

Map location at the Saw Mill

Listen to the briefing and acquaint yourself with the map. there are quite a few buildings with ammo and health in each. Don’t worry too much, you now have the on-board car radar and car locator on your suit. Make your way to the saw mill at the far end of the valley. You can again look at the map, but it’s quite easy to find your way around. You had best be prepared for one awesome battle. This is the mother of all strider battles. Listen to the instructions from the tannoy.


Final strider battle in Half Life 2

Final strider battle in Half Life 2

Your radar will indicate when a strider is near. Hunters will accompany the striders and you must take these out as they will target the Magnusson device you hold. The car at speed is quite effective against hunters. Striders will start from the far end of the map, destroying some of the building as they move along nearer the base. Near the end, 2 striders will approach the base very closely, you need to be fast. You’ll get a message if you are not good enough. If successful, the tannoy will tell you to return to base. It’s one big battle, you deserve a drink.


T-Minus One

Nothing to do now apart from launch the satellite. You get to press the button. Now relax and watch the story unfold.  You have now completed Half Life 2: Episode 2.

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The following basic game maps go to show that even a simpleton (like me)  are capable of following instructions and completing basic map rooms.  Try creating one yourself – search for a tutorial on Google.  Imagine creating your workplace and then having the pleasure of smashing it up virtually.  The following have been created using Source Hammer.  Nothing to get too excited about but you can use this basic level to work on.  Try searching for tutorials using Source Hammer.

DM Crowbar Battle Royale

DM Crowbar Battle Royale

DM Crowbar Battle Royale

The first and only Half – Life 2 Multiplayer death match from yours truly.  Bog standard room with entities and textures using the Source Hammer SDK editor from Steam.  No weapons, but does include exploding barrels.  Complete with installation read me file.  Click on the picture to download.




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