Extreme dog walking at Monsal Dale

Following the River Wye in Monsal Dale is a pleasant journey through Taddington Woods and the subject of today’s extreme dog walk. To be honest its not exactly…

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Hathersage Moor. The view from Higger Tor of Carl Wark.

Today is New Years Day. Start of a new day, a new year and a new you according to Sam.  So with this in mind, we finds ourselves…

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Stanage Edge, Derbyshire.

Stanage Edge, a gritstone escarpment like a broken boulder backbone of Britain past Hathersage in the Peak District.  A geological gap of the Dark Peak and the White…

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Over Owler Tor

We’ve been roaming the Derbyshire Peak District for what now seems like hours in an attempt to find a suitable route to Stanage Edge.  The area we are…

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Brachiopod from the Eyam Limestone Formation of the Dinantian age 327-340 million years age

Sporting my new geology hammer and chisel I’ve gotten for Christmas from Sam, its time to field test them and go fossil hunting in Derbyshire. Now I’m not expecting…

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Following on from the news that we’ve already suffered the wettest winter on record and that we’re still in it, I think we may have finally found somewhere…

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Dovedale from Thorpe Cloud

Although its on our doorstep, there’s nowhere as remote as Derbyshire for a daytrip. Though its not as remote as to remove the dragnet of surveillance but enough…

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Lumsdale Valley

Another trip into the deep dark hilly badlands of Derbyshire, this time to a hidden little gem called Lumsdale Valley. A wooded gorge of crumbled stone ruins from…

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