Sunspot active regions 19 June 2013
Sunspot active regions 19 June 2013

The sun is finally starting to show some activity and it would finally appear the sun’s 11 year pattern is reaching a peak known as solar maximum. Quite a few sunspot regions spread across the surface with Sunspot AR1775 looking particularly impressive. That dark centre of sunspot AR1775, the umbra is bigger than the Earth and the lighter area around the umbra, the penumbra, are both cooler than the surrounding surface (photosphere), which is why it appears black. This white light image using Baader solar film was captured from a single DSLR shot (a quick cheeky one after work), next time I’ll try stacking images via PC together to create a crisper image. I now have a new webcam adaptor so should be able to try imaging in hydrogen alpha using the Coronado Solar Telescope.


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