A little trip to Stratford upon Avon and Warwick Castle.  In true rip off Britain fashion, this pretty chocolate box place also knows how to charge (even the campsite).  Want to visit William Shakespeare’s birthplace?  You can’t miss it, it’s in the middle of town, trouble is the buggers will want to rob you £12.50 for getting in.  Only slightly less each for Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Mary Arden’s working farm.

Pop along to Warwick Castle, you’ll be handing over a king’s ransom, quite apt really.  While the castle is quite enjoyable, it can be best described as a mini theme park i.e. pricey.  Don’t believe any price you see advertised while you’re there, it’s always the kids ticket price not including VAT.  You don’t get any extras for that entry price, everything else is extra.  Also seems wherever you exit from a room in the castle, it always leads to a gift shop.  If you are thirsty, have a can of coke at £1.80.  Want to exit the car park at the castle?  That’s another £5 you need to cough up.  Not that you have a choice of parking anywhere else.  Who said ransom fell out of favour with the middle ages, no wonder there are men walking about in plate armour and big swords.


Warwick Castle


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