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The Stardisc

The Stardisc

The Stardisc
The Stardisc

The Stardisc at Wirksworth. It’s November and its not raining so we had a chance to get out into the countryside, get lost, get fresh air and exercise the beast Nelson.  So we nipped over to Wirksworth in Derbyshire to see the Stardisc which was featured in this months Sky at Night programme.

The Stardisc is a 12 metre black granite disc, a chart that mirrors the northern hemisphere.   Think of it as a modern day stone circle inscribed with the named constellations.   Surrounding the Stardisc are 12 seats each denoting the months of the year.  There are also 6 stone boulders to show where the sun rises and sets at the solstices and the equinox.  It also lights up at night time, solar powered, but we haven’t managed to see that, it was murder enough getting up there, never mind in the dark. The Stardisc is located at Wirksworth in Stoney Wood (Post Code DE4 4EN) at the top of the hill with good views of the Ecclesbourne Valley.



Sky at Night programme

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