Solar Filaments through Coronado PST and Philips SPC900 webcam
Solar Filaments through Coronado PST and Philips SPC900 webcam

It may not look much to you, but this image shows solar filaments on the surface of the sun.  My best yet with my meagre equipment.  Taken using a Philips SPC900 webcam and a Coronado PST hydrogen alpha telescope.  The webcam footage is stacked together to create one final image but imaging through this telescope is notoriously difficult.   Would help massively with a dedicated planetary CCD camera (e.g. Imaging Source DMK21 CCD camera).  A filament is the same as a prominence but seen face on against the sun.  These thread like looking regions are cool, dense gas held in place by magnetic fields.  Like sunspots, they appear darker than the surrounding area because they are cooler.  When they are on the edge of the sun, they appear brighter than the space around them and then called prominences.


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