They say that electric vehicles are the future so we’ve come to find out with a sedate Segway adventure in Sherwood Forest. To call it a Segway safari would be a bit of a stretch, for a start, the conditions are not exactly the African plains, nor are there any of the big 5. This is the (Nottingham) shire, and it’s snowing.

First impressions, I can’t say I’m convinced, but certainly more convincing than Zorbing. While electric vehicles are supposed to be already cheaper to run than petrol or electric cars, I just can’t see the Segway jockeying for position in the Mad Max style battle for road dominance in bumper to bumper traffic on Nottingham’s very own Fury road, or Ring Road as it’s more commonly known.  I’m not sure if the Segway is going to go the same way as the Sinclair C5.

You can’t ride it on the road and you can’t drive it on the pavement, you can drive it off-road although that may not always be recommended. The owner of Segway died tragically when he drove his Segway off  the edge of a cliff into the river. At this point I would have expected sales to have errr… dropped off the edge off a cliff. We find ourselves in  relative safety deep in Sherwood Forest in our home county of Nottinghamshire, unless we get robbed, or upended by some particularly looking vicious tree roots that could trip us up.

Finally after being bubble wrapped in health and safety, dressed like a stuntman in crash protection gear and signing a waiver suggesting this was a highly hazardous activity rivaling that of climbing mounting Everest, we were finally given a crash course on a Segway.  It really was a crash course for some.

Nick Cook Segway

Pushing our way to the front, we became the Segway speed demons in the snow, zipping through the snow at 7 mph on our all terrain Segways through a snowy forest scene, riding roughshod over a frozen forest floor and violently over blades of grass that dared to look at us in the wrong way. At one point, I felt that their was an unspoken race on. In this dog-eat-dog world I seriously entertained the idea of letting down the wheels on other people’s Segways. The snow did its best to slip the Segways up. Beware the Segway speed demons in the snow at Sherwood Forest….

Sam Segway


Not being the most graceful person on the planet, clumsiness is a skill that comes with ease, so a tumble was a distinct possibility. Surprisingly, a trip to A&E was not a mandatory requirement although Sam did her best to get her crashes out of the way at the beginning. I left mine till the very end, with dignity nearly intact. As dignified as you can get riding a Segway anyway.


Nick Cook. Amateur astronomer, space, history, nerd, extreme dog walker, cat slave, severe tinnitus sufferer. 13.7 billion years in the making - not that much better for it.

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