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Sam on The Weakest Link

Sam Fyfe on The Weakest Link Sam Fyfe and her monumental effort on The Weakest Link by the BBC, hopefully propelling her to fame and fortune.  View these selected clips for your viewing pleasure.  Don’t worry it won’t take too long to get round all her questions. Yes ,we are all very proud of you for going on.  We’re unsure of the date but it wasn’t long after the Buncefield fire in December 2005. Sam was issued with only one instruction for going on The Weakest Link – do not get voted off first.  Anne Robinson didn’t seem to pick on Sam too much. That was pretty much left to me when she returned.  Sam is now available for store openings and after dinner speeches.  Click on the picture to play the clip.


Sam’s Introduction

First round Question 1

End of round one vote

Round 2 Question 1

Round 2 Question 2

End of round 2 vote

You are The Weakest Link….Goodbye!

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