After years of applying and through good fortune and thanks of a friend, I have finally managed to be in the audience for yesterday’s Question Time at Nottingham.  After receiving a call off the BBC and discussing recent news events (a sort of quiz), was asked to come up with two example questions there and then, followed by submitting my main question to the programme editor by email.  I was also advised that I will also need to submit a question on the day.

The programme is done in one take and only for the hour, no editing as such.  David Dimbleby came out while we were having tea and biscuits, explained the format of the show, how it works and how the questions were selected etc.  Unluckily, my questions were not asked.  I have been know to have an opinion or two, especially on the governments terror campaign on….. unemployment, welfare reforms, well, almost everything.  My opinions also happen to be correct.  On todays show we have:


Ken Clarke – Justice Secretary, Conservative.

John Prescott – Former Deputy Prime Minister, Labour.

Baroness Kramer, Liberal Democrat.

Julie Meyer, Founder & Chief Executive of Ariadne capital, Investment Firm.

Owen Jones, author of the book “Chavs: the demonization of the working class.”


It starts off with some audience members testing the audio and pretending to be politicians, then onto introducing the panelists with an introductory question to get them going.  John Prescott seemingly lost most of the audience during this test question when he said the Falklands should be given back.  Now we’re filming, Dimbleby is straight in, no messing around.

I must admit, that vanity has struck and I have been scouring BBC iPlayer for decent screenshots of myself in the audience.  I’d like to think that I was slightly better looking than John Prescott and Ken Clarke but now I’m not so sure.  If you really want to see those pics, you can below.


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