Photos from the National Space Centre in Leicester. We’ve been twice now to the National Space Centre, once when it first opened and more recently in June 2013.  First the bad bits. This might take some time. Forget any thought of it being a cheap day out, talk about a captured audience, you have to stump up for parking and then the admission charge of £13 per adult. The galling thing is that there isn’t that much to see and far too many exhibits were “temporarily not working.” Also one million kids are present at any one time, usually screaming. Anyway, near the entrance is The Pioneer statue showing astronaut Ed White performing the first American spacewalk during the Gemini 4 mission. Ed White later died in a cabin fire during a launch pad test for Apollo 1 at Cape Canaveral.

Inside, the main attractions include a Zvezda (Russian Space Agency) Soyuz Spacecraft, in the 42 metre rocket tower is one of 15 British designed Blue Streak rockets and a US made Thor Able rocket, a moon rock from the Apollo 17 mission and a Russian Orlan DMA EVA spacesuit. Despite these exhibits, there isn’t really that much there. We managed to kick the arse out of it for 2 hours. Granted it’s aimed at kids but I can’t see anything that would inspire people. Feels like a missed opportunity in all honesty.



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