We’ve had another stab at this life on the road, this time hiring out a motorhome instead of a campervan. I can’t say its for us. We’ve given it a fair stab now, but it just doesn’t add up. While they maybe be bigger, its also thirstier, wider and less wieldy. And they are absolutely no fun on narrow roads as the smashed wing mirror can testify.

Fiat MotorhomeFinancially they don’t make any sense for us. When you add in a purchase price, overnight hook up and fuel fees, it starts to become not so cheap and all those things like a double bed and a toilet add up to not a lot of room at all. While we both wanted to fall in love with the lifestyle they can potentially give, it just wasn’t much fun when you’re thinking about having to empty the loo, trying to shower in cupboard barely wide enough to squeeze in and find somewhere to stop for the night and paying for the privilege to do so, especially when you can just use the facilities your campsite has provided. I can’t believe the amount of hours I’ve spent on YouTube searching campervans and motorhomes. But at least we now know it’s not for us.

To give this motorhome madness a fair test, we again went to the wild roads of Dartmoor, somewhere scenic, remote and somewhere where the narrow and single track roads can make for a stressful drive in a wide motorhome. And that’s the problem, you then realise you can’t just roam and park up where you like. Though they might be the size of a large van, they have their limits, too heavy for parking on grass and too heavy on fuel. Even going to a more popular route like Haytor on Dartmoor meant some stressful moments driving. Its busy, car parks are jammed, roads are jammed and you just feel in a pickle. Motorhome madness indeed.


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