Cilla. The Princess.
Cilla. The Princess.

On the 25th March 2012, our beautiful, gorgeous Cilla cat passed away.  No amount of words can ever describe or do her justice for the loss, she was simply Cilla.  Its hard to believe she’s gone, she’s always been there, always on one bed or another, you had to move around her.  Cilla chose to live with Sam when she jumped onto Sam’s lap and promptly fell asleep, love and gave 16 wonderful years of perfect company.  Cilla was poorly for the last few weeks, diagnosed with feline lymphoma.  She didn’t deserve that, but true to her nature, she fought it every step of the way.  She was  a beautiful happy thing, a princess, ready to purr at a moments notice.


cilla-sun-11-03-12Her coat was always beautiful and soft, she never got poorly, although was once stung by a wasp and once had a thorn stuck in one of her pads so that it swelled up so enormously that we affectionately called her clubfoot.  A stubborn bugger, Cilla was in charge, not just of the other animals in the house but over us as well.  An immoveable lump on the bed.  She’d let you know during the night if you knocked her too many times by attacking your toes as a gentle reminder.  She had the sharpest claws in the known universe and truly believed we existed to serve her.  We did.


cillabedShe couldn’t wait for you to come to bed, ready to tuck up by the side of you into your arms, sitting on your chest so that she couldn’t get any closer to your face and drooling.  Clearly, you moving during the night to change sleeping position to Cilla meant that you also had to fuss her.  She’d get up, purr and come up to you eventually allowing you to go back to sleep.  If she wanted food off your plate, she’s take it no matter how many times you shoved her away.  Especially her favourites of ham, tuna and Maltesers.  She is a massive loss, her personality, her presence, her love, jumping on the tub chair when Sam comes in, her silent meows, climbing the tower in the wardrobe to shed hairs all over your clothes, sitting in your lap purring, clawing and drooling for hours on end.  Sleep well princess, you were always there for us, we will see you again one day, we love you very much xxx.



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