A quick trip to Derby to see the Leonardo Da Vinci drawings at Derby Museum as part of special exhibition with drawings form the Royal Collection marking the 500th anniversary of his death. This collection on tour through the UK, contains a gathering of surviving drawings to reflect a range of interests from anatomy to botany.this isn’t our first trip to Derby Museum and we’ve seen previous drawings at Nottingham Castle (cos, you know, we’re highly sophisticated ‘n stuff) several years ago but had to pay for the exclusivity at that time. The 12 drawings on display today are free to see.

The original renaissance man was a polymath, an eclectic genius. 500 years later his works are still being displayed and admired, a man ahead his time with conceptual drawings of flying machines and armoured vehicles. Derby Museum has displayed these works in a sombrely lit room behind glass at a adult eye sight level. This is presumably to preserve and protect from the chocolate covered hands of the kids who have accompanied their parents screaming about the place, presumably from the E numbers in the chocolate while they shout “it’s soo booooring, can we go now” (that happened while we were there).

The stunning detail of his anatomical drawings helped him to understand the structure and movement of the human body Now, I’ve seen some anatomically correct drawings before, often on the back of public toilet doors (they had shading and all sorts), the artists clearly had talent but not to the extent that Leonardo had (we’re on first name terms now). Besides these artists drawings probably won’t last 500 years due to the cyclical graffiti nature of toilet doors and Leonardo Da Vinci certainly liked his models a little more classical.


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