Photos from or road trip via Las Vegas, Nevada.  A sparkling neon filled world of plastic fantastic hotels and casinos stuck in the middle of the Mojave desert. Like a wax museum with a pulse. Tacky, whacky and placky, a homogenous pot of casino’s where you can stumble around and never see daylight. Get married by Elvis if you want as long as you promise never to step on his blue suede shoes.  Ridiculous prices for big name hotel stays, try the affordable (very cheap) Motel 6 instead by Tropicana.


Freemont Street Experience

Stratosphere Hotel

Motel 6

Caesars Palace


Nick Cook. Amateur astronomer, space, history, nerd, extreme dog walker, cat slave, severe tinnitus sufferer. 13.7 billion years in the making - not that much better for it.

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