Jupiter 27 February 2014 at 21:52
Jupiter 27 February 2014 at 21:52

Jupiter, King of the Planets.  Shining majestically in the evening sky in the constellation of Gemini at magnitude -2.8.  The giant gas planet is unmistakable, helped by being at its highest point in the sky for some time (although it reached opposition in January), a great time to get out and image this beautiful alien world.

So that’s what I’ve done, out in the freezing cold, battling street lights and dew point to get this picture.  Apparently almost everyone else in Britain managed to get a rare look at the Northern Lights tonight in the opposite direction.  Not me, all I could see was the  orange glow of light pollution from Nottingham.

Still, I’m quite happy with this image considering the conditions.  Taken with a Skywatcher 200p telescope using my old Philips SPC 900NC webcam at 10fps on a non-tracking EQ5 mount, therefore the capture time for the number of frames is very limited, especially with a 2 x Barlow lens as the planet moves very quickly across the field of view.


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