It just kind of happened.  Just thought we’d have a look.  We visited Second Chance Rescue in Derby last week and seem to have agreed on adopting  a dog.  There was this one fellow, sat there in his kennel, wouldn’t even look at me.  Would look at Sam, kids and ladies but not blokes.  Just cower in front of blokes.  It was at least 10 minutes before he would even glance at me but still would not come out of his kennel.  In fact, I was sat down so long, that the worlds biggest chocolate Labrador settled himself besides me.  Then the world friendliest cat jumped all over me before this sorry, scared and skinny looking fellow popped his head out.  Sam decided we should take him for a walk.  Now he’s here.  Get a small dog Sam says….he’s bloody huge.


What do we know about him?  He’s pretty nervous, but we’ve assured him, we can be nervous together.  He’s a Lurcher cross, looks like maybe a Labrador.  He was a stray from Wales where he was on Death Row and has been at Second Chance Rescue over a month.  He likes women and kids and very nervous of men.  They seem to think some blokes been a bit ‘tasty’ with him.  My job is to convince him that not all men are bad.  He’s about 10 months old, fully grown but very skinny.  He also stinks.  The frustrating part is not being able to take him for a proper walk outside until his second injection.  There is lots of training needed….

A strange feeling having another dog in the house.  Lots of emotions, lots of worry and lots of thoughts.  Is it too soon since we lost Lucky in January last year, missing her enormously, will it always be too soon, will he get along with cats Billy and Elvis, will we all get along?  I’m sure Lucky wouldn’t mind, she’d want us to help another dog, particularly a rescue dog, can’t think of a better way to honour her memory.  Its hard not to compare him with Lucky, but he is his own dog in his own right.  Its only been a couple of days (04.04.12) and he is starting to show some personality and some trust.  We sincerely hope he likes living here, we look forward to having him here.  Nelson, take a bow.


Nick Cook. Amateur astronomer, space, history, nerd, extreme dog walker, cat slave, severe tinnitus sufferer. 13.7 billion years in the making - not that much better for it.

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