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Harvest Moon 29 September 2012

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon 29 September 2012
Harvest Moon 29 September 2012

The clearest night in ages and we manage to have a full moon, the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox.  In days gone by, the moonlight helped farmers bring in their crops and hence the name Harvest Moon.  Last night it meant I could set up the telescope without a torch.  In Britain, a successful harvest would be celebrated on the Sunday nearest the Harvest Moon with a Harvest festival.  I remember this at primary where pupils bought food in to give out to the local community.  Of course, some say that the lunar effect from the full moon leads to madness.  That’s complete rubbish, our dog acts like a lunatic all the time.  Image taken with a Canon 1000D DSLR, 1/320 sec exposure, ISO 400, 8″ Newtonian Skywatcher 200p telescope.

Nick Cook

Amateur astronomer, space, history, nerd, extreme dog walker, cat slave, doorstep daytripper, severe tinnitus sufferer. 13.7 billion years in the making - not that much better for it. Knows more about swords than is probably healthy for a man.

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