I’ve been accused in the past of not being able to organise a $iss up in a brewery, so what better way or better place to prove them all wrong by organising an actual $iss up in a brewery and beating the queues with pre-booked tickets to the Guinness Storehouse Tour. This had better be the best pub experience of my life. Even if I don’t like Guinness*

Turns out that the Guinness Storehouse is the most visited tourist destination in all of Ireland. The Guinness family must be laughing all the way to the bank. It feels like it, this place is teeming, the St. James Gate Brewery Guinness sign has swathes of selfie shots. Do not expect a very British queue of people waiting in turn.

Guinness Storehouse sign

It’s a self-led tour of the Guinness Storehouse over multiple floors, which is shaped around an atrium of a huge pint glass, a fully immersive experience of the black stuff, the black custard, the Irish champagne. Entry is through the gift shop with an introductory talk about the 9000 year lease and then working your way through 7 floors. Except you don’t see any Guinness being brewed.

Guinness bottles through the ages

Starting with ingredients, run your hand through a pit of barley, chuck a penny in the waterfall and then head up to the next levels of cooperage and various video panels which in all honesty is very underwhelming. After that you can use your complimentary pint in the Tasting Rooms or the Guinness Academy on how to pour the perfect pint. Having been a in a few pubs in my life, I’m guessing this is select a Guinness glass, adopt 45 degree angle and aim for the harp, stop at 3 quarters to let it settle for two minutes and then top up and finish with a shamrock.

The next flight takes you to sparsely laid out advertising and marketing area and at least here you can have a mess around with the photo booths placing yourselves in iconic advertising material to upload to Facebook.

Guinness photo booth classic adverts
Fun at the photo booths with Guinness classic adverts

The final level and the high point of the Guinness Storehouse Tour is the Gravity Bar to drink your complimentary pint with a 360 degree view of Dublin. It’s busy but we didn’t have to wait around too long to get a seat at the edge and a fine view of Dublin, all the way to the distinctive Aviva Stadium.

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"
“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”

The Guinness Storehouse Tour should take you around a 1 and a half hours according to the  which I’m sure it would if you watched the videos but there’s far too much of a reliance on them. I’m sure the tour is great for a Guinness or beer enthusiast. *Alas to say, that pint was my first and last Guinness.

You can see the rest of our City Break in Dublin here.


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