I’m not sure the world is prepared enough to see me in a skin tight wetsuit, but it’s about to happen. Sorry, but it’s quite necessary as we’ve been gorge walking in the Peak District. And in the video below you will see our fat arses wedgied into a wetsuit as we slip and scramble and get up to our necks in water.


A wetsuit is unforgiving, my first attempt at putting on a wetsuit is quite an achievement, but it turns out that I’d put it on inside out. Trying again for the second again doesn’t go that much smoother as I end up looking like a wrestler from the 1970’s. I’m then given a kagoul for modesty, not sure if its for me or those who see me.

Some call it canyoning or ghyll scrambling but our gorge walking starts off as a splash in a gentle stream soon proves otherwise as our team of wetsuit wearers wade and waddle around waterfalls in a slippery slide as we slosh, slip and scramble with a series of involuntary jerks that could have been interpreted as a an impromptu aquatic dance routine for the next olympics.

Peak District gorge walking
You will scramble, slip and slide Gorge Walking


A realistic level of fitness should be required but as the day goes on, this is not a prerequisite for a successful scramble. You will fall, you will flail and you will falter. But none of that will prepare for the bone chilling shock of when you jump into the neck high cold water. Pretty sure my gentleman’s undercarriage immediately shrunk inside my body the instant it hit the cold water. The next day though there are pains, aches and bruises all over, new muscles from previously unknown places in your body will also let you know. But you’ll be glad you did it.

We did our gorge walking in the Peak District with https://www.truthandtrustadventure.co.uk/


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