We’ve gone glamping in Grantham, glamorous camping. Our first glamping v camping comparison. We’ve both done a fair bit of camping in our time, Sam thanks to her adventures in the Venture Scouts and me thanks to RAF and Saddam in the Gulf War. But we’ve both become accustomed to certain creature comforts since then, mainly bricks and a roof.

Sam , wine in hand of course, Glamping in Grantham

Somehow, the joys of camping, getting out to the great outdoors, especially in the English countryside, is often viewed through rose tinted glasses. But I distinctly remember the back ache from sleeping on 1mm thick rollmat and waking up at 4am as the daylight pours in along with the rain through the whisper thin material of the tent. So instead, this time we’re trying glamping in a pod.

On first reflections, it’s nothing more than a glorified garden shed. Except this shed does not have the usual accompaniment of cobwebs, dead siders, left over paint tins, rusty tools and all the other entropy in the universe that falls in black holes and ends up in our shed.

It is in fact a very posh shed. A tiny house tour reveals it has a shower, beds, toilet and TV. It’s definitely more luxurious than our tent which has more holes in than an Uzi could spray (we know, we’ve tried) and the AirBnB caravan we stopped in on our way to the Orkney Islands.

Set on a farm in Lincolnshire, it feels like a million miles from anywhere, but then again Lincolnshire is often like that. There are only 6 glamping pods here, so unlikely to be bothered by neighbours and a complete contrast to Tent City at Incirlik Air Base where I was housed along with one billion troops. The only thing that is required though is a tolerance for the fragrances of nature and deep pockets. Glamping isn’t cheap and it’s not as though you can strap a glamping pod to your back.


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