There’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors…underground….that’s what we did on our mining adventure, a more relaxed version of caving at Devonshire Mine in Matlock. Mainly because we could stand up for it and and didn’t have to squeeze, scramble and crawl through the labyrinth of underground passages created by lead miners.

An absolutely killer of a walk up a stupidly steep hill in Matlock in the Peak District is required before we yet again descend into the bowels of the earth. This time to explore the mainly horizontal passages at the old lead mine of Devonshire Mine, also know as Devonshire Cavern or the less attractive sounding Coalpit Rake. Not sure I’d fancy hacking with my pick axe through the mine to extract the lead as my job.

Remember, caving and old mines are not playgrounds, explore safely with qualified, knowledgeable instructors like Peak Instruction. Thanks again to Beth at Peak Instruction for making Discover Mine Exploration another great day out.


Nick Cook. Amateur astronomer, space, history, nerd, extreme dog walker, cat slave, severe tinnitus sufferer. 13.7 billion years in the making - not that much better for it.

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