A typical Glencoe day

Glencoe – James Bond’s Back Garden – Scotland Road Trip Part 5

Prepare yourselves dear reader, for a story of betrayal, misery and murder, for today we visit Glencoe for its gorgeous glen and its murderous mountains. The weather is appalling, ‘pishing it doon’ as they say up here.  We’re also well aware that the local inclement weather of the UK can do a perfectly reasonable job of […]

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The High Road to the Highlands – Scotland Road Trip Part 1

We’re north of the wall, one built by the Romans to keep the buckfast binging, bagpipe bashing, tartan totting, kilted claymore wielding clansmen and painted Picts at bay. This is the wild frontier of “auld enemy”, visiting our geographic Celt cousins and waving to the half-naked highlanders in the rugged highlands, luscious lochs and gorgeous glens, […]

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Welsh Flag

South West Wales

Conquest castles, celts, cakes, cawl, sheep, St David, daffodils, Davy Gam, Dylan Thomas, rarebit, rebels, leeks and us. They’ve even got a dragon on their flag.  This isn’t Westeros, its Wales boyo.  We’re holidaying in south west Wales, with rain coats at the ready guarding us against the accidental spittle of unpronounceable place names.  We’ve […]

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Over Owler Tor

Surprise View

We’ve been roaming the Derbyshire Peak District for what now seems like hours in an attempt to find a suitable route to Stanage Edge.  The area we are currently having some navigational difficulty with is called the Dark Peak, presumably, because they don’t like to give out routes or signposts, Postcodes to Stanage Edge.  Instead we’ve […]

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