I appear to have woken up in a foreign country this morning, apparently I was in Amsterdam this weekend? I cannot lay any great claim to a cultural weekend of sightseeing this weekend, unless you count sightseeing through the bottom of a pint glass. After all, it was a boys weekend in old Amsterdam for Dave’s 40th. But there were plenty of pint glasses and plenty of sights, especially as our hotel was in the middle of Amsterdam and 10 seconds from the Red Light District. Dutch courage indeed for some of the sights you can see, stunning girls that look like they’ve stepped straight from FHM magazine, to big mamma’s and she-males. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Of course, Amsterdam is known for its somewhat liberal and tolerant attitude. Everything you’ve probably heard about this place is true, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination and it hasn’t changed since my last visit. Bars, booze, girls, sex shows, peep shows, sex shops, sex swaps, red lights, rude bars, push bikes, pick pockets, coffee shops, cannabis, clogs and canals. It is what it is. If you need a rest from the packed crowds, have a seat in one of the many bars and if you’re like me, end up smelling like a mini-bar. Don’t look too hard at the buildings, yes, they are wonky, not the fact you’ve had too much too drink or spent too much time in wacky backy coffee shops.  As I said, viewed through the bottom of a beer glass.


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