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Welcome to Nick Cook .net – The personal web home of the miserable, malcontent moaner Nick Cook.  Devilishly handsome, dangerously aloof, often dressed like a James Bond villain, half machine (a hearing aid), half man, the one and only surgically enhanced Nick Cook.  13.7 billion years in the making, not that much better for it.  Please try to not get too excited.

Why this site?  Because memories fade like photographs in the sun.

Nick Cook

Somewhere to look back over the years. That’s it. This is not your fake filtered Instagram life. What’s on here is real.  This will never be one of those sites that say How To Get More Blog Followers or 10 Things You Must See in Nottingham or that type of click bait claptrap.

Adventurer, UK explorer, world traveller, space, history, nerd, husband, extreme dog walker, amateur astronomer, serial bucket lister, science, history, extreme dog walker, dinosaur hunter and severe tinnitus sufferer. Knows more about medieval swords and weapons than is probably healthy.  I am not particularly bothered about your ill-informed opinions or your pointless, money, celebrity obsessed lifestyle. How Mrs Cook puts up with me is quite frankly a mystery.

No, I’m not that Nick Cook that investigates UFO’s, Area 51 or other hokey stuff like that.  You wouldn’t believe how emails I get about it.  I do however like space related stuff.  My astrophotography and other images have been featured on The Sky At Night, BBC, stolen by the Daily Mail, featured in decent newspapers and other publications including Astronomy Now, Sky At Night magazines, popular astronomy books and university teaching books.

Do life your own way, live deliberately, enjoy the journey.

Yours truly,

Nick Cook.


  1. Hello! The scared look is a natural for me…. life comes at you fast the first time around…..

  2. Could I talk you into ten things to not see in Nottingham? It’d be particularly helpful right now, because I’m nowhere near Nottingham.

  3. Okay, I already left a comment here, but would you forgive a second one? I looked at your photo and I need to know: Are you the guy on the left or the guy on the right?

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