We’re spending  24 hours in Liverpool. We’ve mainly come to see the Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum but seeing as we are spending the night here we thought we’d see what the rest of the city has to offer on our very magical mystery tour of Liverpool.

We’ve picked a great week to be off, the weather is roasting, so much so that we’ve seen a huge smoke plume over Saddleworth Moor. Arriving at the sprawling concrete jungle of Liverpool relatively late in the day, we first visited the World Museum to see the Terracotta Warriors before heading further into the city.

Four mop-tapped lads who shook the world outside the Liver Building
Four mop-tapped lads who shook the world outside the Liver Building

So what did we end up doing with 24 hours in Liverpool? Take photos of bronze sculptures, how very unoriginal, how way behind the curve. Very unlike those 4 mop-topped lads who shook the world back in the swinging sixties.

It was impossible to miss Matthew Street, the legendary home of the Cavern Club where the Beatles played in their early days. Today, Beatles tunes are blasted out 24/7. Buts that’s OK, as, surprise, surprise, we see Cilla Black there welcoming us to Liverpool with open arms and a lorra lorra love while John Lennon looks on by the Cavern Club. If the Beatlemania and deaf-tone tons of tourists doesn’t make you twist and shout, then the aggressive beggars or amateur musicians plugging away might. Busking away on a banjo is alright, but you’ll never make a living out of it.

John Lennon Statue at the Cavern Club

Down by the waterfront area, we wonder pass Albert Dock, a world heritage waterfront. A Titanic  memorial, the Fab Four and a bronze Billy Fury adorn the docks. Apart from a few museums, Liverpool suffers like every other city in the UK, chock full of the same chains, shocking service and homogeneous high streets. We went to Las Iguanas and waited 4 years before we got a drink and an entire ice age came and went as we waited for food.

UK city breaks are becoming pretty much the same everywhere we go these days and to be honest, I could kick myself, I should have done more research to see what else was around. We should also have gotten here sooner, time was against us, the ticking cost of car parking is becoming a significant factor in UK travel these days. We thought about taking a ferry ‘cross the Mersey, not to escape, but to see the U boat story but left this to late, a bit like this U Boat when it entered the war.

View from Radio City Tower

We did manage to take a viewing from the Radio City Tower / St Johns Beacon. The viewing gallery, 400 feet up gives panoramic views across the city and gives a you view of everything if you don’t manage fit everything into 24 hours in Liverpool.

Surprise, surprise, Cilla Black welcomes us to Liverpool with open arms
Surprise, surprise, Cilla Black welcomes us to Liverpool with open arms



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